REV.CATRIONA MORRISON               REV. MARC PROWE

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Letter from the ministers


Hello to you all,


I hope everyone is staying well and managing in this new life we're all discovering. If any of you are needing help, please get in touch and we will do what we can. Elders will continue to make contact but we can all do that for one another too. One person I know said she had decided to phone someone everyday throughout this time and I thought that was a great idea. That may be your friends and family, but she was also meaning her wider circle as well. Just staying in touch.


Last Sunday we went for a dander with God along the prom. That was nice and worth doing, but obviously at the moment there will be nothing more like that. I'll put up on the website the sheet we used then and I'm also preparing a new one which anyone can use if they are going out for their daily exercise. It might be on a Sunday you want to deliberately turn it into a walk (or run or cycle or whatever else you do) with God or any other day at all.


We will also continue to put a version of the service on the website. Thanks to Ian not just for doing all the technical bits of this but also providing beautifully sensitive music as well. Some other churches are live streaming. We don't have plans for this at the moment as it doesn't seem necessary that everyone does everything but we are sharing out different approaches. But if you are able, do look out for them and join in. Over the next few weeks we look forward to visiting the churches where we have connections via friends or family and share in with them in worship via live stream. Here's the list of churches livestreaming.


In addition there is a televised ecumenical Scottish service on BBC1 at 12.15 every Sunday. Please spread the word of that if people do not know. It is fully accessible for those who do not have the internet.


There are two new opportunities on facebook that we're involved with. One is Pray 4 Kirkcaldy, which is a group anyone can join to share prayers or ask for prayer and be inspired by others. The other is a Kirkcaldy Town Centre Churches page and that is where we are sharing information and also taking it in turns to post a 'thought for the day' each day. Take a look if you're on facebook. The Town Centre Churches page is accessible even if you're not on facebook.


Another thing you might spot if your daily exercise takes you up Nicol Street is that we have set up a prayer space in the church garden. We felt that the cross wasn't visible against the stone wall, so it now is. The rainbow is a sign of hope and the sign was given by Sandy's Sign Shop. We've moved the prayer letterbox outside and there's a bucket of stones which people can use as prayers and lay at the foot of the cross if they choose. If you are around, please leave all the church gates open. And if anyone else is there, do keep proper distance. It's vital.


All these things are possibilities and ways of reaching out to people. It's important to take care of our own members but as a parish church we are called to provide for the spiritual needs of the whole community. It is vital to be a witness at a time when many people are shaken and searching. I'm sure many of you are doing that in all kinds of ways in your own lives. Please send us any ideas you have and we'll see what we can do.


Stay safe. Take care. Do what we are told. Stay in touch. And pray for one another. There used to be a drawing of a closed church door which I remember using one Easter. The sign on the door said: "You've been coming here for long enough. Now go and put it into practice."


May God's blessing be with you.



Catriona and Marc.